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I started window cleaning straight from school in 1986 by canvassing my round. Using nothing more than a push bike with ladders strapped to the side and a bucket with my chamois and scrims hanging from the handlebars I would scoot down the road. I'd like to think that I have learned alot since those days. I have had breaks from window cleaning, but always ended up going back to it. Over the years I have set up 4 rounds for myself, all through canvassing. In between those times I worked in sales, spent a few years in direct sales training canvassers for a home improvement firm, have also sold Cable TV from door to door during the mid 1990's and afterward spent some time with my own furniture manufacturing business. I decided to get back into window cleaning the last time around 7-8 years ago, built up a round aiming at the high demographic market and did this by canvassing.

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41 Brook St

Dudley, DY3 2NB
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