Spot On Window Cleaning

When it's used regularly it's probably the best way to clean windows, but if your windows have been cleaned in the traditional manner with water and detergent, then the first couple of times this system is used you might be wondering about the hype. That's because no matter how good your window cleaner was, your windows will be coated with a microscopically thin, but very stubborn, film of detergent residue, and that film was built up each time your windows were cleaned. You won't see this film, and your windows might appear "squeaky clean", but that film is still there. What you probably didn't know is that the film that is left behind is pretty sticky. It actually attracts dirt and helps it to stay on the window more easily. The result is that your windows get dirtier more quickly. ‚Äč The window cleaning industry being a hot-bed of innovation and invention, who'd have thought it was possible? Well, it's true. Traditional window cleaning techniques haven't changed that much over time, but the reach & clean system was a revelation and a revolution. It wasn't only a new concept (whoever heard of windows being cleaned by nothing but water!) but it also meant that windows above ground level could be cleaned without leaving the ground so it was safer for the window cleaner. It was also faster, cleaner, better for the environment, better for the windows and buildings it was being used on, and it helped to lower the costs of much high-level window cleaning. That's a lot of changes for an industry where a plastic bucket of soapy water, a sponge, and one of those new-fangled squeegees was as complicated as the tools got for most jobs.