Bens Window Cleaning

Bens Window Cleaning uses a combination of traditional window cleaning techniques along with 100% purified water and water fed poles. The use of ladders is virtually eliminated. Our water fed pole system is capable of reaching up to 60 feet (about 5 stories) for both residential and commercial use. This page explains a little about how the technology works and how it beats traditional methods. Water fed pole cleaning is at the cutting edge of window cleaning technology, using either deionized water filtration or a reverse osmosis water treatment system in order to produce 100% pure water.

When applied to glass the result is a sparkling clean window every time. These filtration processes are completely environmentally friendly, and use no chemicals or detergents. Pure water dries to a spot free finish and as the window is left completely clean with nothing for dirt particles to adhere too. Quite frankly, it gives much better cleaning results.