AS Window Cleaning

AS Window Cleaning offer a 5 or 10 weekly frequency clean, or simply one off jobs. As a free additional service, if needed we offer a “ring or text day before” service, so that you know when we are coming to do your windows for you. This is particularly useful if gates need to be unlocked, or if we need to gain access to clean inside windows, etc. We are often able to arrange our schedule to come at a time to suit yourself too, in 60 minute time windows. Wherever possible, we want to offer a professional, hassle free service to make your life easier. We use a state of the art pole system for cleaning your windows, which means we don’t have to use ladders.

The Reach and Wash system uses a pole through which pure water is fed to a brush at the end. The brush is then moved across the window allowing the pure water to absorb impurities and lift the dirt. The window is then rinsed to leave a streak free sterile surface. Not only does the reach and wash system leave the window clean, it also cleans the frame.

The water goes through a special filter and because it is deionised it has no static charge. Left for a short time the water runs away and leaves windows streak free. The detergents used in traditional window cleaning actually attract dirt so with Reach and Wash your windows will stay cleaner for longer.