Providing carpet, rug, curtain and upholstery cleaning services to clients in Kent and East Sussex. We clean all types of carpet and soft furnishings and can remove stains such as blood, wine,
Simply Window Cleaning
SIMPLY WINDOW CLEANING Offers Every Customer Our Commercial or Residential Window Cleaning Services that are only Cleaned using Traditional Cleaning Methods as This Method of Cleaning Windows
Bite The Dust
Our reputation for delivering high quality cleaning at a fair price has meant that 95% of our business has been generated through word of mouth. This is testament to our traditional approach of an
Highly Polished Domestic Cleaning
I have a passion for cleaning, interior design and everything to look like you've just stepped into a show home, when you arrive home from a hard day's work. I am very much a people's person and
Prime INTL Cleaning
Prime INTL Cleaning is a professional cleaning company operating in all areas of London. Our professional cleaners are affordable and fully insured, giving a rest for your mind. Every cleaner that we
Greenfields Cleaning Services
Our company is proud to be a family run business, which can offer you that old fashioned personal touch that is too often sadly lacking in this day and age. We are long standing in the industry,
Cleaners Of Epsom
If long days at work and numerous social and family commitments are leaving you drained and with little time and energy to deal with nuisance cleaning chores, then perhaps a quick phone call to
A23 Window Cleaning
Their delivery of training through to qualification and certification was tailored to suit our busy schedule. Our trainers had substantial experience in window cleaning. This practical background
Epsom Cleaners
We understand that having a clean, proper and good looking home is of grave importance to everyone. We also realize that most homeowners live dynamic lives and have scarce time to clean regularly and
Welcome to Cleaneasy - the company which promises: "There's no stain left unturned at the scene of the grime" Established in 1998, we are a local residential cleaning company, based in Surrey. We