Walkers Window Cleaning

We operate traditional & specialised typed of window cleaning including the ladderless "Reach & Wash" Waterfed pole system, which facilitates the cleaning of windows up to 65ft high whilst keeping our feet firmly fixed at ground level.

We believe that attention to detail is paramount and our customer’s needs come first. Working quietly and discreetly in our presentable uniforms, you can have the confidence to get on with your busy schedule leaving the task of window cleaning in our capable hands.

Regular window cleaning is of prime importance to any successful business, clients or potential customers may not see that your windows are clean, but they will certainly notice them if they are dirty.

We specialise in all aspects of window cleaning ranging from offices, property & facility management services, local authority, retail outlets, shopping centres, nursing homes, childrens nurseries & larger residential properties.

We provide our cleaning services all year round. We provide a monthly window cleaning service. All of our quotes include the cleaning of your windows and sills. We are able to clean your conservatory, including your conservatory roof and windows above your conservatory that window cleaners just using ladders will not be able to reach. Many customers have their conservatory roof cleaned once a quarter as part of their cleaning schedule.