Robinsons Professional Window Cleaning

After moving to Norfolk in 2011, I took some time to find out about the area, it's people, and it's needs, and have designed my company from the ground up to be one you can trust, rely & depend on to give you great results with no hassle or fuss every time.

Most of the work I do is using a ‘water fed pole' system. This system pumps specially purified water up a long carbon fibre pole to a specialist brush at the end, which both agitates the dirt on your window off the glass and into the water, then rinses it away. Once this is done, and all the dirt has been flushed from the glass, all that remains is the purified water, which has no minerals or pollutants, and therefore dries totally clear.

Of course, not every customer wants this method of cleaning used, and to be honest, not every type of frame is suitable for it. So in addition to the WFP system, we also offer the good old fashioned trustworthy method of a mop, a bucket and a squeegee to clean your windows both inside and out.