Queensland Carpet Cleaners Bridgend

Our most widely used methods is hot water extraction with our powerful truck-mount unit. This unit is built into the van with both clean and dirty water tanks with its own fuel source so there is no need for external power. The truck-mounted system is 20 times more powerful than the conventional portable units. The power of the unit allows us to work up to 500 feet away from the vehicle.

The water pressure, temperature, suction power and chemical mixture can all be varied to suit soil types and fibre characteristics. Odour neutralisers, anti-bacterial and other solutions can be fed through the system to provide solutions for most problems encountered. The volume of area achievable with this unit is impressive, giving superb results every time. In larger areas power-heads and other tools can be fitted to increase the efficiency of the unit.

Queensland also provide a range of other services including leather cleaning, curtain cleaning, hard floor cleaning, carpet and hard floor fitting, stain removal & prevention and restoration in the event of flooding or a fire.