Pure Clean

We use the ‘Reach and Wash’ system (instead of using ladders, purified water is pumped up telescopic poles), which means when getting your windows cleaned, there is significantly less chance of your property getting damaged (no need to lean ladders on sills, guttering etc no need to walk on tiles). This method is also popular as it means more privacy for the client, and importantly none of our staff are put at undue risk.

Even though we mainly use the Reach and Wash system for cleaning Residential Housing we can also provide our customers with traditional methods of cleaning if that is what they wish for their residential property as some people prefer to see the window cleaner working in a specific way but all of this can be discussed and identified with a member of our project team before any clean takes place.

At Pure Clean Teesside we provide a professional Conservatory cleaning service which will clean all of the build up of algae, moss, bird droppings and much more. Have your conservatory restored to a condition that you will be happy with today.