Newbury Cleaners

Newbury Cleaners will offer you a tailor made service to suit the needs of your business and its requirements. All staff are trained to the highest standards so that they achieve consistent high levels of cleanliness every time. We are happy to quote for any of the business's listed below or any other business that you would like to be cleaned.

We cover all areas of your work place from office, workshop, kitchen, public areas and toilets. Between us we will discuss and work out a cleaning schedule to meet your needs and requirements. You can have different areas cleaned on different days, certain jobs on a rota system, monthly jobs, whatever suits you and your business.

Whatever size your home is, we can devise a tailor made service for you. We can clean every room in the house in one visit or you can have them done on a rota system. You decide what will suit your needs best. Your cleaning service booking will be at a time that suits you and your needs.

We are happy to add all or any of the above, or any others that you wish to add to your booked personal cleaning schedule. Depending on the size of your property and your own personal plan you will have an independent highly trained member of our cleaning staff or a team of two will service your property.