NECS Newcastle

NECS initially started trading as North East Cleaning Services in January 2006, with a scope that encompassed the North East of England. We are still based in Northern England, but now the business has significantly expanded to provide contract cleaning, commercial cleaning and facilities management expertise throughout the North East, London and the South.

Integral to the success of NECS has been our philosophy of providing high-quality contract cleaning services at competitive prices and in a prompt timeframe. However, there is an additional concept that we strongly value and believe has been integral to the success of our company: management. Without high-quality management, the rapid growth of NECS would not have been achievable in such a short space of time.

Having been an established North East Cleaning Company for over a decade, we know exactly what works, what is the most effective solution and how we can best meet your requirements.

Cleaning is all about providing freshness, and we not only do so through the impeccable standards of our commercial cleaning services but also through our mindset as a young and hungry business striving to expand, as well as having a culture of Respect and Encouragement for our Operatives and Managers across the country.