Maintenance Cleaning Services

The company was formed by John Farrell, who has much experience in the specialist cleaning industry, and the safe application of chemicals within the industry. John was able to attract, some key people in the industry to come on board in the very early days. This then put John in a very good position, having formed a very experienced team to provide a competitive, and quality service.

The team consists of John Farrell at the helm, Gary Venables being the General Manager, Fred Moran is the Operations Manager and Mike Jobe is the Business Development Manager. John is of the personality to lead from the front, and be hands on. With this in mind John most definitely has his finger on the button, to make sure that you the client are happy with the service provided. John makes himself available at all times, if the client wants to discuss any matters with him.

We have recently made an investment in upgrading of our I.T. Systems. This now means even better efficiency with our networking system. We are now networked from the main administration office, with direct access by and with the training section, operations department, and maintenance shop. We feel this helps us to be more responsive to our customer’s requirements.IT facilities.