Mac Clean

MacClean deep clean your oven and remove all traces of grease and burnt on carbon using non-caustic and non-toxic cleaners in your home. Our eco-friendly method is healthier for you, your family and your pets. The process will take between 1-3 hours and is so effective it will leave your appliance looking clean and brand new once more.

We leave no mess and as there are no fumes you will be able to use your appliance as soon as we have finished. All detachable oven parts are taken out of your home and immersed in a special de-carbonising dip-tank in a specialist van, where they are deep cleaned and sterilised. Inside, our professionally trained technician will use eco-friendly products to clean the remainder of your appliance internally and externally to the highest standard.

MacClean use a hot water extraction system, which is scientifically proven to be the deepest and most effect way to clean carpets and rugs. Carpets take around 2 hours to completely dry and are ready to walk on thereafter. We spend time preparing carpets and rugs using industrial strength carpet cleaning solutions, odour killers, deodorisers and stain removal products to give your carpets and rugs the best clean imaginable.