Hydroclean Window Cleaning

Hydroclean Window Cleaning Services was formed in Hertfordshire by Daniel J. Cimino BA Hons. After spending several years working in the city of London, Daniel decided to set up and invest in a new growing window cleaner business. The result is a modern window cleaning company using the latest technology, with the customer service and professionalism expected of a 21st century establishment.

We pride ourselves on our reputation as a reliable and efficient company, but most of all our excellent relationship with our customers. From Mrs White at the little old cottage, to the Facilities Manager of a large UK chain. All of our customers receive the same standard of service and personal attention.

Health & Safety regulations are increasingly stringent and we work fully in accord with the latest directives. What is the water fed pole system? This method of window cleaning uses a 5 Stage Water Treatment System and Carbon Fibre Waterfed Poles to deliver 100% pure water to the window.

The water treatment system includes Reverse Osmosis and mixed bed De-mineralising Resin to produce 100% pure, Laboratory grade water. The nature of de-mineralised water is to strive to return to its natural impure state by actively absorbing all dirt, chemicals and minerals it comes across.