Home & Away Southwest

Bookings for a cleaner can be made weekly, fortnightly or monthly for as many hours as you require and we will endeavour to keep to the same time schedule set by you. We endeavour to provide you with the same cleaner each week but in the event of unavailability, another cleaner will be provided. We provide all of the cleaning materials unless you require us to use your own products or specialist products i.e. eco/green products. Please be available to let the cleaner into your office and to lock up when she leaves. If this is not possible, you may wish to leave a set of keys with us, if you are absent, for the cleaners to enter your office.

Would you like your new house cleaned so that you can move your belongings straight in? Or maybe the house you will be leaving needs a general clean, either requested by a landlord or by yourselves on behalf of your landlord? Or are you a landlord/letting agent who needs the property cleaned before new tenants move in? We can provide cleaners for an in-depth clean to ensure no traces of previous occupants are left. We can provide 2-3 cleaners for an in-depth clean and also provide the cleaning materials.