Habex Carpet Cleaning

Professional cleaning of all kinds of materials - carpets, upholstered furniture, couches, sofas, corner sofas, poufs, armchairs, chairs, mattresses and car upholstery.

Effectiveness - using best quality equipment. For cleaning, we use reputable companies' preparations. They are fully ecologic and mite-killing, they also include components conserving and strengthening the fibre.

Safety - our chemicals have a seal of approval and they meet the highest standards (ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 certificates). In our work, we use two methods of cleaning: extraction cleaning and shampooing.

We are a company specializing in cleaning houses, flats, offices, staircases. We offer our service also to hotels, schools, kindergartens, pubs. We perform end of tenancy cleaning, post renovation cleaning and window cleaning as well. With our help, your four walls can be more beautiful - by combining precision with reliable equipment we will make your flat new once again.