Green Clean (East Midlands)

We are able to clean a range of upholstery products including chairs, sofas and leather goods. Most upholstery products will require cleaning at some point in their life time to freshen them up and make them look like new and make them last longer. We offer carpet cleaning services throughout Leicestershire. As part of our service we only use cleaning products that are environmentally friendly, which will release any trapped dirt.

We are experts in removing most stains, including tea, coffee and wine. Our powerful but gentle carpet cleaner removes embedded grease and dirt, leaving your carpets and upholstery looking and feeling like new without causing further damage to the area. Our carpet cleaners carry a full professional spotting kit that can remove a large number of stains such as Red Wine, Rust, Melted Wax, Dried Paint, Oil, Chewing gum and Ink.

By using specialist environmentally friendly cleaning products and equipment we can provide precious oriental rugs with a new lease of life. As the fibres of the rugs are of great quality our gentle approach helps remove stains and freshens the fibres of the rug, leaving them looking refreshed and brand new. All rugs are cleaned at your premises.