Fresh As Daisies

We first set up our business in 2011, since then we have become a growing success. Fresh as daisies is run by only two people with a handful of employees (most are family members), so you will see the same cleaners every time, as we know it was a main concern to many customers who had previously had cleaners that they rarely saw the same person twice. We have years of experience behind us, both working for cleaning company's and spa hotels in our past careers. Trust is as important to us as it is to our customers, therefore we proudly present our police reference and ensure our customers that keys are kept in a locked safe during non-working hours.

With our professional cleaning we do all the jobs you may not have time for, from scrubbing to window cleaning! If you have just moved house, we can spring clean your new home leaving it looking fresh and ready for you to enjoy, or if you're moving and want to be able to get your full deposit back, we can also offer 'end of tenancy' cleans. We guarantee all your expectations are met by us.