Elvie Cleaning Company Watford

We are a reputable company that focuses wholly on customer satisfaction, that’s why all our customers are covered by our customer satisfaction guarantee pledge which not only gives you peace of mind but time to focus more on your job and not on the cleaners.

We are confident in delivering wide range of services that is back with a promise of not only meeting but exceeding expectations, saves you lots of money and put a total end to that nagging cleaning problems. It’s no secret that more than 90% of Elviecleaning contract cleaning clients renew their contract while 80% of new business are from referrals and these existing clients. You can always count on us as we will never cut corners but clean them!

We are dedicated in ensuring we reduce your total contract cleaning budget, either through reducing total cleaning hours, cleaning frequency, savings on your janitorial supplies or through our heavily discounted window cleaning or our FREE carpet cleaning service. The industry practice is to make you fit into one of their cleaning packages but at Elvie we work around with you to achieve a desired cleaning package that will save or reduce your cleaning cost at whatever cleaning frequency you desire. Our prices are competitive, transparent and show clearly the cost breakdown.