Eagle Eye

Eagle Eye OCS is a specialist commercial cleaning company aimed at busy offices and commercial business premises to provide a friendly and professional cleaning service. Unlike other cleaning companies, our services are more closely integrated with technology.

Not only do our clients have access to our client portal where they can review service logs and assessments, but also access our value added services such as health and safety incident report tools for their business, health and safety notices and guidelines to help ensure offices are fully compliant but we can also provide IT equipment cleaning including server and desktop internal dust removal carried out by qualified and trained professionals.

Our close integration with technology through our parent company BMCA Solutions Limited allows us to operate a highly efficient business, and to manage our quality guaranteed service through effective use of information. Clients have access to a simple online portal providing direct accses to their cleaning logs, assessments, invoices and scheduling calendar. Along with our highly motivated and experienced staff, our effective and streamlined processes allow us to offer highly competative rates and excellent value for money.