Deluxe Dry Carpet Cleaning

Deluxe carpet cleaning Manchester improves the appearance of your carpet and prolongs its life. Our Rapid Dry system makes it easy even with our rainy climate Deluxe Dry is different… our system was developed to clean carpets but designed for convenience.

You can have your carpet cleaned with Deluxe Manchester carpet cleaning and use it straight away. We have cleaned home offices when someone was busy working, and all they had to do was put their feet up! We cleaned a living room carpet while the mum and little girl were watching TV!

Guests are arriving this evening? Relax–Call Deluxe and your carpet will be spotlessly clean and dry! Kids are bringing friends home for tea? No problem the living room carpet will be ready for them.

A spotless carpet is a joy to look at! We pre-treat all stains on your carpet as a priority before we start the main cleaning. We use the latest stain technology to remove every stain that we can, no matter how old. We restore some of the spring to your carpet as well, by lifting the pile as we clean, because we know that you want a carpet that is clean and one that looks good too.