Cookson Office Cleaners

Office cleaning is the core service of our business serving a wide range of customers. Large and small office sites, industrial premises, legal services, warehousing, health care centres, ferry terminals, car showrooms, large and single sites etc. All our customers have different requirements with regard to their cleaning schedule, with our flexible approach we are able to meet these requirements and provide a quality service.

We offer a guaranteed high quality Carpet Cleaning Service available to large or small offices, hotels, care homes, schools, ferry terminals etc. Cookson Office Cleaners supports the principle of "sustainable development". That is the development which meets the demands of the present without compromising the abilities of the future generations to meet their own needs.

Cookson Office Cleaners will aim to maximise the use of all materials, supplies and energy. Where possible we will use renewable, recyclable materials and components. We will aim to minimise waste in all points of the business and aim for "waste free" processes