Clear View

The office cleaning services we offer embrace all aspects of office cleaning. From the basic daily tasks such as washroom hygiene, to periodical cleaning, care of carpets, walls, ceilings, windows - in fact every detail that relates to the cleaning of an office building.

Regular or periodic cleaning services are available morning, evening and night. We have vast experience in working in retail and commercial premises. Our operatives clean various sites including stores, supermarkets, warehouses, furniture stores, clinics and leisure facilities.

The traditional method of "ladder and bucket" is very rarely used. Due to the major changes in Health & Safety Legislation, the once low investment and easy start up business has turned for the better. At Clear-View we have welcomed these changes which seperate us from the beginners. Did you know every window cleaner has to be licensed by the local authorities?

The local council decides whether any person employed by Clear-View fit to work as a window cleaner. Can your current provider show you their license? If you want to use a professional, fully licensed and insured company then call us on 01592 631123.