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We have dedicated a lot of time and effort to ensure that our team are well-prepared and have the expertise to tackle those difficult, hard to reach areas. Regardless of how obscure or challenging your cleaning project may be, you can rest assured knowing that our devoted and enthusiastic window cleaning specialists can find a clean solution to your murky problem. Eco-Friendly At Clean Window Cleaning, we’re devoted to protecting the environment.

With our Reach & Wash System, we don’t use any harsh chemicals or detergents. We use purified water to clean your windows. Although tap water is fine for drinking, it contains impurities which cause spotting and streaking when left to dry on a surface. We purify tap water by passing it through filters and resins. When we clean your windows using this system they dry naturally with a crystal clear finish. Using pure water is Eco-friendly and completely harmless to surrounding animal life and vegetation.

Fully Trained Health and Safety Staff Clean Window Cleaning is devoted to maintaining high-quality standards from all our employees. We make sure that each member of staff has been fully-trained and has undergone, and obtained the necessary health and safety credentials. As we work with buildings of all shapes and sizes, we are required to expect the unexpected. Our staff know how to assess their surroundings and to double-check that no equipment has been left unattended or obstructing high-traffic walkways.

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Home Window Cleaning

Home Window Cleaning

Regardless of your property type, we can provide you with the highest quality home window cleaning service in Edinburgh. Whether our customers prefer a traditional window clean using a ladder or the newer advanced method of our reach and wash system, we have a window cleaning method to suit every preference. We guarantee to make your windows sparkle as we take time to carefully clean each window, window frame and window sill until it’s left spotless.

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63 N Gyle Grove

Edinburgh, EH12 8LF
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