Clean Sweep Swansea

Clean Sweep was formed as a domestic cleaning company in 2006 by Helen Williams. Helen decided that she wanted to start her own business. After much research, she realised there was a gap in the market for a good, honest, and reliable cleaning company.

With £20 and 1000 flyers, Helen and her now brother in law Ben Timlin went around Swansea handing out the leaflets. From those 1,000 leaflets, Helen only received one phone call from a potential customer who required two hours cleaning a week.

Helen started by rolling up her sleeves and doing the work herself. Weeks passed with only that single customer. She persevered. Slowly but surely and largely from word of mouth, the customers started to come. They came slowly and, eventually, they came thick and fast.

As the customer base built, Helen started to recruit staff and started to professionalise the way the company – setting high standards across the board.

The hard work started to pay off. It now employs 20 staff and has expanded rapidly into new sectors. As well as domestic cleaning, it now also covers commercial cleaning, industrial cleaning and carpet cleaning. In 2014, the business was recognised as a Gold Standard Cleaning Company,