Aura Commercial Cleaning

Simona explains “I’m a perfectionist who likes to see things done to the highest standard, so I can sometimes be a hard taskmaster. I also understand that everyone is different, and what really matters to me is providing a service tailored to the individual needs of each of our clients. Everyone wants high standards, and that’s an important part of what we provide, but it’s also about focussing on (and keeping on top of) the finer details, to make sure each client is happy. The most important thing is our team of cleaners. By hiring and investing in the right people, we offer a much better service.

You will only have to meet her once to be won over by her genuine passion and commitment. A self-confessed perfectionist, you can see that although she keeps a tight rein on her team, ensuring her high standards are adhered to, she is also very personable. It comes as no surprise that when she announced her move from her last management role, several of the cleaners she had managed were moved to tears.

This success built on team development backed up by strong management processes is what gives you the confidence you’ll have reliable cleaners who care about the results they provide. You can enjoy an excellent working relationship with Simona and her team for many years to come.