Atlas Cleaning

99% of all carpets and Furnishings we clean are 'Steam-Cleaned' Your carpets are cleaned using the very latest 'Steam-Cleaning' technology. It's so effective that nearly every carpet we clean looks once again just like the day it was laid, no matter how dirty. 'Steam-Cleaning' not only cleans your carpets it also kills germs and bacteria.

We'll carry out every single job to the highest possible standard and if for any reason you're not completely satisfied we'll re-clean the item/s again completely FREE OF CHARGE and if you're still not happy we'll refund your money for cleaning that item in FULL.

Rugs need specialist treatment to clean them safely avoiding 'colour-run' and shrinkage or even possible damage to fibres. We offer a Full 'Rug-Cleaning' program tailored to suit your needs. A personal visit and assesment to ensure you're getting the best possible advice. Please contact us for further details.