Aquatec Cleaning Group

At Aquatec, only the best equipment the industry has to offer and the best available WoolSafe approved solutions are used when cleaning customers carpets, curtains, fabric and leather suites. WoolSafe products have been rigorously tested to ensure that they contain no harmful substances, that they are completely safe for everyone in the household including pets, that they are effective, leave no residue and therefore, don't cause re-soiling. They are also tested and recommended for all fibre types.

For complete peace of mind, when considering which company to employ for carpet cleaning or suit cleaning, always opt for a WoolSafe approved company. Aquatec, and specifically, Bill Weir, is an approved WoolSafe Fibre Care Specialist, WoolSafe Service Provider and a Registered WoolSafe Carpet Inspector.

Both portable machines and a Truckmounted carpet and upholstery cleaning system are used to ensure the best possible results for both our domestic and our commercial customers. A truckmount offers unrivaled power and will achieve the most amazing results. It also has the advantage of leaving carpets much drier and so reducing the overall drying time dramatically.

Sometimes where access with the Truckmount is not possible, we carry the most powerful portable carpet cleaning machines on the market. These portable carpet cleaning machines offer near Truckmount performance and can achieve the same results but it may take a little longer.