123 Carpet Cleaners

All our members of staff are fully trained, licenced insured and background-checked. Though we have never had to use it since the day we opened for business, we always carry current Liability Insurance & Workers Compensation Insurance. This protects you as a renter or home owner should something happen in your home or place of business that involves one of our staff members.

Big offices, shops, showrooms, schools, medical facilities or department stores are incredibly busy places that experience very high volumes of human traffic daily. Therefore, it is not surprising that these places need to be cleaned thoroughly several times a day. However, one or two cleaners are usually not enough for places like these. This is where commercial cleaning services come in.

When it comes to commercial cleaning – 123 Carpet Cleaners is the service you want to hire. Our employees are highly trained in all types carpet cleaning and they have all gained great experience in working in large office buildings and institutions like hospitals and schools. We clean discreetly, quickly and efficiently. If you have no idea of the area you want to be cleaned, you can always arrange a visit with us in your site. That way we will be able to provide a more accurate estimate.