Owning and using a vacuum cleaner on a regular basis is a must for every household nowadays. Vacuuming the floors (and not only floors) is an easy, quick, and effective way to get rid of all the dust and dirt accumulated around the house and have your space sparkling clean and with an improved quality of indoor air. No matter the exact brand and model of your vacuum cleaner, it normally features a set of a few different vacuum attachments.

The chances are you have never used these before and you most probably do not have a single idea on the exact proper way to use the attachments. While the classic vacuum cleaner head attachment is the most used one (or even the only one used at all), by not using the rest of the set you are definitely limiting yourself considering the many purposes you can use a hoover for. The truth is that whenever you start using the rest of the attachments featured in the set and start using them properly you will be able to enjoy a home that is cleaner than before.

So let’s dig a little deeper and find out what is the purpose of all those different vacuum machine attachments you are provided with:

Beater Bar Brush

The beater bar brush is the industry name of the large rotating floor brush in the set. It is an attachment for upright vacuums that spins along on the bottom. It is an attachment for cannister and backpack vacuum machines too. The attachment is used for a really deep and thorough clean of carpets and rugs. The magic behind the brush is very simple – it spins and that way opens the carpet fibres and that way it is able to completely remove the embedded dirt, hair, grime buildups. This brush attachment comes in two versions – a turbine version and an electric powered one that offers the deepest clean.

Hand Power Brush

The hand-powered brush, as it is known in the industry, is actually the attachment used for upholstery and for vacuuming pet hair. It is a rotating brush with a smaller size compared to the one described above, normally four or five inches in size. In a nutshell, the purpose of this brush is the same one as the beater bar brush. However, the difference is that the hand power brush is normally used not for carpets but for upholstery by opening the fibres of the fabric with the rotating motions and removing the embedded dirt, hair, and fur. This attachment is very convenient for places and corners that cannot be reached by a larger attachment such as stairs and upholstered pieces. The hand power brush is a much-needed tool for households with furry pets.

Commercial Carpet Tool

You will know this brush by its large and rectangular shape that is designed for efficient cleaning of short pile carpeting. The usual size of this brush is around 12 inches in length, it usually does not have bristles and it is made out of plastic entirely. However, keep in mind that such an attachment is not intended to be used on deep pile carpeting and you cannot expect flawless results in this case. Using this attachment for hard flooring is not recommended too as it can leave scratches and dents on the surface.

Upholstery Brush

Keep in mind that the upholstery brush and the hand power brush are not the same things and they do not serve the same purpose despite the fact that both attachments are designed for treating similar areas. However, the upholstery brush is highly recommended for more delicate and softer fabrics and textures. You will know the upholstery brush attachment by its smaller rectangular shape (usually only about 5 inches long so it can reach challenging areas, nooks, and corners). It sometimes features a removable row of horsehair or nylon bristles that are great for removing embedded dirt and hair while being gentle to the fabric.

Crevice Tool

You will know the crevice tool by its specific thin, flat, and pointy shape that is designed especially for removing dust and dirt from hard-to-reach areas and challenging corners and nooks. It is designed for small spot cleaning and is especially helpful for vacuuming between the cushions on your furniture pieces, between furniture, etc.

Dust Brush

The dust brush is a small and roundly shaped brush with horsehair bristles at the end that makes it the perfect choice for delicate and small vacuuming jobs. The dust brush is a good solution for places such as window sills and frames, vents, and even curtains and blinds.

Floor Brush

The commercial carpet cleaning tool and the floor brush are not the same thing and serve different purposes. The floor brush is designed for efficient and thorough cleaning of hard floors without the risk of scratching. The shape of this attachment is rectangular and usually 12 inches long with a row of horsehair or nylon bristles.

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