P & P Cleaning Services Ltd

10 Reasons to Choose P&P Window and Gutter Cleaning Service Ltd Here at P & P Cleaning Services we like our customers to choose us for themselves; here are 10 reasons to help you decide.

1. Safety Always Comes First At P & P Window Cleaning Services we pride ourselves on having an accident free 30 years of service. Our staff and our customers are important to us and therefore we strive to keep them safe. Every member of staff is fully trained in the latest methods of safe window and gutter cleaning; immediately on release, they are first aid trained and always work in pairs. We always provide site specific risk assessments and method statements for all of our commercial clients. We have been accredited by CHAS's strict Assessors for many years. We carry lots of equipment to help us stay safe including; a first-aid kit, a fire extinguisher, safety cones, hard hats, hi-vis jackets and much more. View our up to date Health & Safety documents here.

2. Superb Customer Service P & P Window Cleaning Services have a company policy that is 'the customer is always right'; all our staff are fully trained in customer service to a traditional level; highlighting on manners, trust, and loyalty. We tend to keep our customers and therefore have a really high regular customer base with very little complaints. Some customers we have had for 20 years! Our complaints procedure is simple if a customer isn't happy we go back and clean again; free of charge. We then liaise with staff on how we can do better next time; hoping that we learn from our mistakes. View our staff training documents here.

3. Save Money Your traditional window cleaner would need to clean your windows every fortnight, would only clean your glass and they would be dirty again after a day of bad weather. With water-fed pole cleaning we recommend a monthly clean, it cleans your frames as well as your glass and your windows stay clean for longer. The price of each clean may be more expensive but you can have a lesser frequency of cleaning and reduce expensive frame cleaning in the future. Check out the benefits of our water-fed pole system here.

4. Environmentally Friendly Our company doesn’t use any detergents or chemicals whatsoever. We use very little Fairy Liquid for internal window cleaning; using the traditional method and our water-fed pole system; which uses only purified water. If every cleaning company had this policy, then I’m sure the environment would benefit hugely.

5. 30 Years’ Experience Our two Directors have been cleaning windows since 1986. 30 years of their experience of different houses, offices, shops, factories, guttering, frames and equipment has gone into training our staff today. Our two Directors understand the benefits of water-fed pole systems compared to the very old leather and scrim method, and appreciate its ease of use and ability to provide an immaculate window clean.

6. Low Staff Turnover and High Training Records Our team maybe be small but we can proudly say that our 5 staff members are incredibly long standing, with collectively a huge 95 years of service. Our team are loyal, trustworthy, with family values and are fantastic at what they do.

7. We Text Before Each Clean P & P Cleaning Services provide a free, no spam, text notification system to our domestic customers so they know we are coming and they can make any provisions necessary; like unlocking gates, turning alarms off or being in to ask for additional services.

8. We Accept All Modern Types of Payment Methods We stopped knocking on doors, late at night to collect your window cleaning payments a long time ago. Now we offer lots of different payment methods; including Bacs, PayPal and Cheque.

9. Great Feedback from Our Long Standing Loyal Customers We have an extremely long standing and loyal customer base with some customers coming into their 20th year with us cleaning their windows. We regularly get lovely genuine feedback from our clients and customers and enjoy keeping them happy. You can read some testimonials here.

10. FREE Quotations All our quotes are free, with no obligation; what have you got to lose? You may as well contact us today! Thank you for reading!

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